We’re Shaking
Things Up

Real beauty for real people. Complicated emotions and all

This one’s
pretty obvious

Beauty should be made for you. But for decades, it's been designed with someone else in mind. While compromising the wellbeing of the planet.

Formulas that suffocate. Packaging draped in plastic. Products that never live up to their standards – due to the simple fact they weren't made for you in the first place.

But times are changing – and so should your self-care.

This is our commitment to changing the language of beauty. No sugar coating. No Bullshit. Just highly efficient, sustainable beauty that never puts you in a box. (We got rid of that pesky thing. And not to worry, we recycled it).

Think premium hair and body care products made for you with the planet in mind. You could say it’s real self-care for real people. Complicated emotions and all.

Never settle for less.

Ok, but only for less waste.

You come first. Your needs, dreams, desires and complexities are at the forefront of each product. Because we’re sick of products that just don’t cut it. Whose performance reviews fail – on hair, body, planet and conscience.

Besides, your daily affairs shouldn’t be interrupted by bad hair days or bad thoughts. We say let’s hack the proverbial system with recyclable packaging and biodegradable superfood ingredients that feed your hair, skin, and the planet.

Premium products for a pretty clean conscience. And hair.