Removing as much plastic from nature as we use

  • We aim to lead the plastic-free movement and reduce waste by removing unnecessary plastic from our supply chain. We’re thrilled to partner with rePurpose global as they perfectly align with our mission.

    Silvia Marquez and Carmen Escaño, Co-founders of Nuniq

How it works

  • Calculate

    The first step in our journey was to understand where we are at, in order to inform future action. We established our current plastic footprint and committed to pledging a percentage of every product purchase towards the removal of nature-bound plastic waste.

  • Finance

    We fund the elimination of as much plastic waste from oceans and landfills as we produce through our collaboration with vetted rePurpose Impact Projects, which are empowering waste workers to tackle plastic waste in local communities.

  • Reduce

    Going Plastic Neutral is a continuous commitment, and that’s why we are working with rePurpose Global to develop a future roadmap reducing the use of virgin plastics in our products — and build a more circular business and delivery model.

Impact that unites the world

When we choose to take action on our plastic waste, we create meaningful impact in a world without borders. We fund waste management facilities and empower local communities in geographies without the necessary infrastructure to remove, recover, and recycle plastic waste that would have otherwise remained in the environment for centuries.

Why plastic neutral
40 Waste Workers & Family Members Provided with Additional Income

Our journey

biodegradable refill bag

Step 1: sustainable sourcing

Single-use plastic is rather ugly. So, we did something about it. We use 100% reusable packaging and biodegradable refill bags that leave behind only water, CO2, and a small amount of organic biomass, very good for plant growth.

agreement with repurpose

Step 2: The Plastic Neutral shift

Building on rePurpose Global’s belief that businesses can positively impact the environment and society, Nuniq has gone Plastic Neutral. Through our partnership, we are taking the first step to systemic environmental change — financing waste management infrastructure and empowering marginalized workers fighting the plastic waste crisis on the frontlines.

refill bottle

Step 3: The final destination

Our sustainability efforts won’t stop here. Our reusable system removes the need for potentially millions of single-use plastic bottles. Nuniq is here to pave the way for a better future, making high quality products that result in responsible consumption.