The Working Mother's Dilemma: The Birth of Nuniq

The Working Mother's Dilemma: The Birth of Nuniq

Every journey has a beginning, and ours started with a transformative realization that ignited a passion deep within our hearts. This is the story of two working mothers turned entrepreneurs, united by a shared vision to effect change and create a world where every mother's talent is not just acknowledged, but celebrated, and where they're afforded the opportunities, they rightfully deserve.

The challenges faced by working mothers are something you can't truly comprehend until you're in the midst of it all. The early mornings, the late nights, the heartache of leaving a tearful child at daycare—the struggles are real. I had spent years thriving in the dazzling world of big beauty corporates, revelling in celebrity collaborations and global escapades. But with the arrival of motherhood, my perspective shifted. The glitz of my career dimmed, and what truly mattered was the radiant smile and well-being of my little ones.

While I treasured my career, motherhood also unveiled a shadowy side of the professional realm that had been previously hidden from view—the "motherhood penalty." Despite pouring my heart into proving that becoming a mother wouldn't erode my commitment or performance, the bias was evident. My admiration for working mothers deepened, and I witnessed the discrimination they endured. Conversations with fellow mothers unveiled a harsh reality: this issue wasn't isolated—it was a widespread problem affecting countless talented women who had dedicated years to building remarkable careers.

Even if a company tries hard, balancing your new personal situation with the multidimensional challenge that a global corporate environment demands is extremely difficult.

Amid the widespread burnout experienced across the workforce, the emotional toll exacted on working mothers was especially crushing. The burden of choosing between career and family weighed heavily on their mental health, leaving them feeling helpless. This realization struck a chord within me, compelling me to drive change. Like numerous women before me, I embraced uncertainty and left the security of my corporate role, fuelled by a fervent desire to make a meaningful difference.

But I wasn't alone in this journey. I recognized that the cultural biases long-held by employers regarding mothers' commitment often resulted in unjust consequences, prompting many to turn to entrepreneurship. This wasn't merely about seeking reduced hours or flexibility; it was a response to challenging employer prejudices head-on. The allure of independence and the ability to shape one's destiny motivated female founders to embark on their own ventures.

The synergy between working mothers and entrepreneurs runs deep. Both excel at balancing family obligations with professional demands, all while managing financial considerations. Navigating caregiving responsibilities alongside business duties becomes second nature. This dynamic intersection molds the opportunities available to mothers-turned-entrepreneurs, influencing their access to resources, networks, and financial growth.

As I began to dream about a company that not only recognized the extraordinary potential of mothers but also provided unwavering support, fate intervened. I crossed paths with Carmen—a fellow parent at our kindergartener's school. Our conversations revealed parallel journeys. Carmen shared similar experiences and an unwavering determination to drive change. Our skills were complementary, and a shared passion united us. It felt natural to embark on this transformative adventure together.

And thus, Nuniq was born—a venture driven by the collective spirit of two mothers rewriting their narratives. While our journey is just commencing, our hearts are brimming with determination. Our commitment extends beyond shaping a successful business; we aim to foster a cultural shift that empowers mothers, women facing disparities, and everyone seeking equilibrium.