Finally, a clean shampoo that works

Yes, It's possible!

Hard to believe it's sulfate-free

And Paraben-free, Silicon-free, PEG-free...

Refill, Reuse, Repeat

Less waste, more good

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In fruit we trust

Your hair loves nutrient-packed superfoods! That's why our products are full of them so you can flaunt fabulous locks.

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You are (N)Uniq

Embrace your hair's uniqueness with our specialized hair oils, each delivering the precise boost your hair craves.

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Recycling plastics sucks. Time to reuse

With our Refill, Reuse, Repeat approach, every time you choose a Nuniq product, you're saving the environment from another plastic bottle.

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8,116 Plastic packaging cut... and counting

Much like the planet you are #prettynuniq

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