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At last,

long-lasting love

No sugar-coating, no false claims. Just highly efficient and thoughtful beauty. We put up a fight against single-use plastic with ridiculously easy to reuse, refill, recycle hair and bodycare. Products made for a good time and a long time.

Less waste, more good

Cruelty free
Refill and Reuse
Biodegradable and natural Ingredients
Responsible Manufacturing
Sulphate free
Biodegradable refill packaging

Great hair is just the beginning.

While planet pleasing is kind of our thing, we’re here to do you good with so much less. Fewer products, “gooder-looking” hair. Less plastic, more virtual coffee dates. It’s hair that pairs with a sustainable lifestyle (the fun kind).

Pretty sweet

In fruit we trust

Can you live inside a coconut? Why do some people love broccoli? Who even names a berry açaí? While we don’t necessarily have the answers to all these very legit questions, we do know that hair and skin is quite fond of these superfood ingredients. So we thought, why not use them in our products?

Recycling plastics sucks

It’s messy. Time-consuming. Pretty boring. And most of the time pointless. Have the time of your life with effortless, sustainable haircare essentials you can use as you damn well please. Refill, reuse, repeat for less waste, better hair. Fewer wash days, more wine o’clock.

Pretty kind thoughts…

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