Kiyo - for healthy teeth and happy planet

Kiyo offers a line of oral care products that merge natural ingredients with effective dental hygiene. Their products are developed by experts, recommended by dentists, and designed with the environment in mind, all crafted in Switzerland.

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Kknekki - The Ultimate Hair Ties

Kknekki boasts an array of hair ties acclaimed for their strong grip yet gentle touch, preventing hair damage and breakage. These ties are celebrated for their durability and stylish design, available in a multitude of colors to match any outfit or occasion.

Tie me up!

  • Forever yours

    Recyclable packaging. Refill, Reuse, Repeat. Or return to where it came from – the wild.

  • Eat this, Nature

    Biodegradable and natural superfood ingredients that feed your hair and the planet.

  • Delete the drama

    We lose the bad: plastic, animal testing, microbeads, sulfates, silicones, parabens.

  • Partners in crime

    We only work with suppliers that demonstrate respect for people, animals and the environment.