Clean. Vegan. Single-use plastic free.

Discover our new refillable and forever recyclable aluminium bottle

Reusable, refillable & recyclable hair care

Less waste, more good

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  • Removing as much plastic from nature as we use

    Nuniq is certified plastic neutral through its partnership with rePurpose Global. A percentage of every sale funds the removal of plastic from landfills, waterways and marine environments to be recycled and repurposed.

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  • We generate positive Social Impact

    For our logistics in Switzerland, we rely on our social partner Wohnwerk in Basel. The institution offers people with disabilities the opportunity to live and work in one place. We are very proud to work with them and help them in their mission to ensure that people with disabilities can take part in social life and develop their potential in experiencing themselves as independent and autonomous. 

6,020 Plastic packaging cut... and counting

In fruit we trust

Can you live inside a coconut? Why do some people love broccoli? Who even names a berry açaí? While we don’t necessarily have the answers to all these very legit questions, we do know that hair and skin is quite fond of these superfood ingredients. So we thought, why not use them in our products?

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Recycling plastics sucks. Time to reuse

It’s messy. Time-consuming. Pretty boring. And most of the time pointless. Have the time of your life with effortless, sustainable haircare essentials you can use as you damn well please. Refill, reuse, repeat for less waste, better hair. Fewer wash days, more wine o’clock.

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Pretty kind thoughts

My hair looks nice, my scalp is happy, it smells good. And: it is vegan, cruelty-free and produces less waste. What else?


“Eco friendly, hair friendly and locally sourced! Never thought it would be possible! 🤩"


“They smell so nice! Every time I use them it makes me happy and the results are really good. On top of that, if it helps the environment it is worth it"


“I’m crazy about the shampoo, it’s another level of cleanliness. Everything before Nuniq is in my past. I’ve never had hair this amazing in my life! Thank you!"


"😍😍😍 too much! Highly recommend–gorgeous hair, good for the planet and the bottles are incredibly beautiful! Honestly–give it a TRY💚🌎"



Much like the planet you are #prettynuniq